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The history of clothing and fashion is also a history of technological evolution. From spinning threads and weaving fabric, to joining fabric with a needle, the process eventually shifted from human hands to sewing machines. Even today, threads and fabrics continue to evolve dramatically. One can only wonder what future fashion waits beyond the eye of the needle.

Today's dramatic technological and informational changes surrounding fashion could potentially reshape our relation with clothing in our daily lives and fashion in society. Furthermore, reflecting on clothing/fashion can also be viewed as an exploration of our current/future forms of communication, relationship with materials and nature, our bodies and urban culture, and media.

Fashion Tech News, as owned media of ZOZO NEXT, has been continually broadcasting trends in the fusion of fashion and technology since its inception in 2018. Today, the term 'fashion tech' appears naturally in various media and innovative initiatives keep emerging one after another.

To report the 'now' of this fusion of fashion and technology, our logo depicts a needle and cloth working together to create fabric, which is then layered together into into a scene of fashion at its most fundamental. As we aim to foster an interactive community that cultivates a cultural environment for pondering the 'future' of clothing, fashion, and our physical surroundings, expect more unique content to be delivered.