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The World's First Sports Sandal with Ankle Straps: Teva's "Hurricane"

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Using serious outdoor gear in everyday life is a preference shared by many urban dwellers. The reason is simple. The specs designed to endure harsh environments guarantee quality and functionality, enriching urban living.
Come summer, you can spot Teva's "Hurricane" sandals everywhere, another piece of outdoor gear beloved in the city. Born from the impromptu idea of an American river guide, these sandals fit snugly to the foot and offer slip-resistance on wet surfaces. Their minimalist design, embodying functional beauty, also harmonizes with modern fashion.
This time, let's delve into the journey of the "Hurricane," which has risen to become the king of sports sandals.

Wristwatch Straps Sparked the Birth of Teva

To understand the "Hurricane," you need to know about the origins of the Teva brand.
"Teva was born in 1984 in the Grand Canyon, Arizona. The brand's founder worked there as a river guide," said Teva's marketing and PR representative, Sonoko Suzuki.
"At the time, the guide wore thong sandals akin to flip-flops, but he was frustrated because they easily came off near water.
"One day, he happened to tie a nearby wristwatch's Velcro strap to the sandal's thong string to secure it to his ankle," she explained.
In the 1960s, cultural anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss, author of "La Pensée Sauvage," proposed the concept of "bricolage." This French term means "to create using available tools and materials." The world's first sports sandals with ankle straps were indeed created in a bricolage fashion.
These snug-fitting, hard-to-remove sandals became a sensation among outdoor enthusiasts.

Sneaker-like Fit Thanks to an Innovative Strap System

Teva's technological prowess and creativity culminated in the "Hurricane," which debuted in 2002. Users are amazed by its sneaker-like fit.
"The secret to the fit lies in the Universal Strap System, which secures the foot in three points. This system not only enhances fit but also allows you to adjust the hold to your preference."
The design of the webbing used on the upper is also a major reason for the Hurricane's popularity.
"Webbing designs on sports sandals often feature prints or dyes, but Teva uses intricate jacquard techniques to express colors and patterns through weaving. This enhances the texture and prolongs the deep color, even with continued wear."
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