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Deep Pore Cleansing! The Development Secret Behind FANCL's "Deep Clear Face Wash Powder," Which Has Sold 7.88 Million Units

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In recent years, natural-looking makeup has become a trend. Consequently, the desire for clear-looking skin has surged.
Focusing on this trend, FANCL developed the enzyme face wash "Deep Clear Face Wash Powder." Since its release in April 2019, it has won numerous awards in beauty magazines and recorded total sales of 7.88 million units. At one point, the demand was so high that production couldn't keep up.
We spoke with Rika Hayashi from FANCL Corporation about the advantages of enzyme face wash and how it differs from other face washes.
Rika Hayashi
Rika Hayashi

FANCL Corporation, Cosmetics Division, Product Planning Department

Targeting Pores & Roughness

In recent years, enzymes have gained attention in various fields, but what exactly is an enzyme face wash?
Enzymes include "digestive enzymes," "metabolic enzymes," and "food enzymes," each with various enzyme components. Among them, digestive enzymes called proteases, which break down proteins, are commonly used in enzyme face washes.
The surface layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, comprises multiple layers of keratin protein-based dead skin cells.
At the same time, dead skin cells are also the main cause of pore blackheads, roughness, and blackheads. Specifically, dead skin cells account for 70% of blackheads. By including protein-dissolving enzymes, enzyme face wash removes these unwanted dead skin cells.
Furthermore, stubborn blackheads are formed not just by the stratum corneum but also by a mix of sebum. At FANCL, we consider the composition of blackheads by incorporating absorbent clay and charcoal to remove excess sebum, which is a cause of blackheads.
Thanks to the actions of these ingredients, the "Deep Clear Face Wash Powder" is the most noticeable product in terms of immediate and effective pore and roughness removal among our face wash products. Even after just one use, you can feel a smooth texture.
"Deep Clear Face Wash Powder" (30 pieces), 1,980 yen (tax included)
"Deep Clear Face Wash Powder" (30 pieces), 1,980 yen (tax included)
Are there any downsides to enzyme face wash?
Previously, despite the effectiveness felt on pores, enzyme face washes often left users dissatisfied, saying, "My skin feels tight after washing" or "My pores look more noticeable."
Moreover, while enzymes show their maximum effect when hydrated, their effects diminish over time. Thus, many enzyme face washes are in powder form, but users often complain about poor foaming.
FANCL has long sold powder-type face washes and has improved research and technology concerning moisture and foaming with each renewal. By applying this technology, we aimed to address previous concerns, which is the origin of the productization of the "Deep Clear Face Wash Powder."
Therefore, in development, we emphasized creating fine, elastic foam that doesn't burden the skin, achieving "silky-smooth skin" that retains moisture while offering excellent cleansing power, and ensuring a high-safety formula suitable for sensitive skin.
Even if the dirt is thoroughly removed, if moisture is also stripped away, dryness can cause irregular texture and make pores stand out. Hence, maintaining moisture is of utmost importance.
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