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Enhance Your Skin's Appearance! The Special Abilities of FIVEISM × THREE's Transparent BB Cream

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Looking in the mirror in the morning, you can't help but sigh. The face reflected back is pale and tired, with slight dark circles under the eyes. While women might use makeup to cover this, many men usually leave it as is.
That's where the "FIVEISM × THREE" product "FF Secret Agent UV" comes in handy.
It's incredibly easy to use. Simply apply this cream at the end of your skincare routine to cover skin troubles and even out the complexion to a healthy, transparent tone. It also acts as a sunscreen, and the powder effect prevents stickiness, offering numerous benefits to men's skin.
Let's examine the performance of this standard cosmetic, which quickly became a major hit after its release in April 2021.

More Men Turn to Skincare Amid the Pandemic

This time, we spoke with Mina Saito, PR representative for FIVEISM × THREE. First, we asked about the brand's background.
"FIVEISM × THREE is a brand that was born by inheriting the spirit of THREE, which was established in Japan in 2009. Our concept is to respect each individual's personality and propose self-expression that isn't bound by gender or age. We especially keep in mind designing products that fit men's behavioral psychology in daily life, as well as the unique skin texture and concerns men have."
The brand name "FIVEISM" means the number "5," and adding "3" from "THREE" equals "8," symbolizing "infinity."
"One of FIVEISM × THREE's missions is to make men's makeup a part of everyday life. By proposing a new culture of 'makeup as a grooming etiquette,' we aim to cater to the diverse lifestyles of men and make makeup feel more approachable."
In fact, more men are wearing makeup.
"One reason is the spread of online meetings due to the pandemic. More men have started skincare because they are conscious of how they appear on monitors. What they were particularly looking for were items that could quickly and easily enhance skin appearance."

A "Transparent BB Cream" Made for Men

"FF Secret Agent UV," 3,850 yen (tax included)
"FF Secret Agent UV," 3,850 yen (tax included)
To respond to such demands, FIVEISM × THREE developed the FF Secret Agent UV.
This item can be easily described as a "transparent BB cream." BB creams are lighter and thinner than foundation, covering blemishes and uneven skin tone with just an application, resulting in a matte finish.
"BB cream textures often come in skin tones to correct the skin, but FF Secret Agent UV specifically focuses on being colorless. This makes the finish look more natural and prevents color transfer to masks, clothes, or towels."
Upon application, the skin's appearance noticeably improves. The secret lies in its unique formulation that adjusts using light effects.
"The goal is to achieve healthy skin with a good complexion and transparency. When applied, tiny red and yellow pearls create a natural flush and glow. Simultaneously, fine red, green, and blue pearls spread evenly, correcting to a transparent, natural skin tone with the primary colors of light. Additionally, the sebum-absorbing powder brings a non-sticky, fresh feel with moderate shine."
Its functionality as a sunscreen is also excellent. The Secret Agent UV formulation includes "SPF50+/PA++++"[1], making it suitable for outdoor activities. Its waterproof formulation is resistant to sweat and water, making it ideal for sports.
Moreover, it employs a non-chemical formulation that doesn't use UV absorbers that burden the skin, ensuring skincare effects from plant-derived ingredients.
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