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YA-MAN, the No. 1 Market Share in Beauty Devices, Explores Insights From Its In-House Research Lab to Tackle Age-Related Issues

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It’s no surprise that YA-MAN is highly regarded as "when it comes to beauty devices, look no further than YA-MAN." Boasting the No. 1 market share in beauty devices for five consecutive years[1], YA-MAN has an in-house "HYOJO Science Lab" composed of two teams: one specializing in electrical and electronic engineering, which forms the foundation of beauty technology, and the other specializing in dermatology to verify its effectiveness.
We interviewed the HYOJO Science Lab of YA-MAN to learn about the lab's strengths and its approaches to tackling aging concerns through its research and technology.
Kyoka Shimada
Kyoka Shimada

YA-MAN Co., Ltd.
Brand Strategy Division, Corporate Communications Department

Electrical & Electronic Engineering × Dermatology: The Strength of YA-MAN HYOJO Science Lab

What are the unique features of the HYOJO Science Lab in terms of technology and research?
YA-MAN was established in 1978 as a company related to precision instruments. The HYOJO Science Lab was reorganized into a lab in 2020 to strengthen the research and development platform, leveraging the scientific and technological knowledge accumulated since its establishment. The lab is characterized by having two teams: one in electrical and electronic engineering, which forms the basis of beauty devices, and the other in dermatology to verify their efficacy.
At the HYOJO Science Lab, they continuously move between electrical and electronic engineering and dermatology, repeating verification to improve beauty technology.
While electrical manufacturers often have mechanical engineering experts, and cosmetic manufacturers have skin and chemical experts, YA-MAN’s strength lies in having both.
Specifically, what kind of research is being conducted?
In August 2023, the research equipment was expanded, and the research space was enlarged to create a more precise measurement environment. A new "cell experiment facility" was set up to enable quicker and more multi-faceted high-precision evaluation, including fundamental research into beauty technology effects.
For example, one type of data obtained through skin measurement is "blood flow meter," which captures real-time changes in blood flow, allowing the evaluation of relationships with skin stimulation techniques and creating new technological insights.
The HYOJO Science Lab aims for lift care, which is expected in beauty technology, by three-dimensionally capturing the skin and conducting efficacy verification. In addition, they have hair experiments and cosmetic research facilities, pursuing comprehensive improvements in beauty technology to create new markets.

Collaborative Research with Universities & Academic Paper Presentations

It seems you are not only conducting in-house research but also engaging in joint research with external universities.
While the HYOJO Science Lab is a restructured research and development site originally part of the company’s R&D division, it actively engages in joint research with universities.
Since 2023, YA-MAN has been conducting collaborative research on "reverse aging" with the Department of Dermatology, Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo.
For many years, YA-MAN has researched the electrical energy that constitutes beauty technology. The joint research aims to further elucidate the mechanisms by which electrical energy induces reverse aging in the skin and to verify its efficacy and safety.
Research on beauty technology spans multiple fields and involves interdisciplinary collaboration. University laboratories have the advantage of specialized expertise in their research.
While deepening interdisciplinary research in beauty technology through collaboration with university labs is highly appealing, it is true that there are challenges in understanding each other. Despite such collaborative challenges, we actively contribute to and present academic papers.
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