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Time to Reflect on Your Skin & Inner Self: Personalized Skincare Brand 'iEL'

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LIBATAPE PHARMACEUTICAL Co., Ltd., headquartered in Kumamoto Prefecture, is a company with a history of over 140 years. Originally starting with the development of household adhesive bandages, the company now engages in various businesses, including the manufacturing and sale of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, and medical devices.
Driven by the desire to keep the skin itself healthy, the company has also been passionately developing skincare products. One such endeavor is the personalized skincare brand 'iEL', launched in 2023.
This time, we spoke with Emi Sakaguchi and Kaori Toyofuku, who are in charge of product development and sales at the company, about their passion for skincare products and the history behind the company’s foundation.
Emi Sakaguchi

Developer of iEL

Kaori Toyofuku

Sales Representative of iEL

Continuing to Honor the Founder's Teachings

LIBATAPE PHARMACEUTICAL Co., Ltd. (formerly Hoshikokyokkoudou) was founded in 1878. It all began near Tabaruzaka, the fierce battleground of the Satsuma Rebellion, where founder Kamejiro Hoshiko nursed the wounded indiscriminately. Touched by his dedication, a Satsuma military doctor taught him a secret ointment recipe.
"Based on the method he learned, he started manufacturing ointment and commercialized 'Honetsugi-ko'. Since there were no plasters like today, ointments effective for wounds and neuralgia were highly valued at the time.
"Subsequently, the company successfully developed the first domestic medicated adhesive bandage, which was marketed as 'LIBATAPE' for household use.
"The company has continued to develop, manufacture, and sell large medical adhesive bandages and medical supplies, driven by the desire to be helpful to as many people as possible."
The company holds onto the founder's teaching, "Work for the benefit of society and people." Following the release of LIBATAPE, the company has committed itself to protect skin health as its mission.
"In creating cosmetics, we prioritize quality, user experience, effectiveness, and the use of environmentally and human-friendly ingredients. We meticulously create products that we believe in.
"As a result, the number of ingredients might be limited, and we might not include particularly rare components. However, we believe that our carefully crafted cosmetics lead to "naturally beautiful skin."
We develop and manufacture with the intention that instead of resisting aging, we want people to embrace their natural beauty and enjoy every day.
"Turning needs into shapes and shapes into products" is our company's slogan. While inheriting the founder's spirit of working for the benefit of people, we continue developing products needed by our customers.
"Our main business is the development and sale of medical products such as tape preparations and disinfectants; this strength also benefits our cosmetics division.
"The Development and Sales Departments have staff specializing in those fields nearby, making collaboration easy. We receive various information, such as quality control of pharmaceuticals and the importance of skincare items in hospitals.
"Additionally, we manage the development process with risk analysis, safety and quality tests, and other considerations based on medical product standards. Few cosmetic companies operate in such diverse fields, and it positively affects our company’s overall mindset."
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