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"HUNTER" Function & Style Seamlessly Unraveling the History of "Rain Boots"

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On those gloomy rainy days, slip into a pair of HUNTER rain boots to lift your spirits.
HUNTER's "rubber boots" not only make your feet stylish but also encapsulate episodes of British craftsmanship.
For this article, let’s delve into the history of HUNTER's rubber boots and explore why they’ve been cherished as an unwavering classic worldwide for so many years.

Boots for Everyone

HUNTER was founded in 1856 by Henry Lee Norris in Scotland, UK, initially named "North British Rubber Company," later becoming widely known as "Hunter Boot Ltd."
Almost immediately, the boots became the most popular item. To cater to everyone, from farmers to field boots, the product lineup expanded, creating the innovative and practical designs HUNTER is known for today.
Photos from the North British Rubber Company era
Photos from the North British Rubber Company era

Function & Style Seamlessly: The Roots of Rubber Boots

Tracing the brand's history, let’s dive into the roots of the iconic rubber boots. Their craftsmanship remains largely unchanged over nearly 70 years, indicating the high quality of the initial items.
A century after its founding, in 1956, the first "Original Green Wellington Boots" were born. The specifications are still carried over in today's rubber boot series. Using vulcanized rubber and composed of 28 parts, each boot is crafted by hand over three days.
They are intricately designed to seamlessly blend function and style, ensuring performance in nature-rich areas like forests and meadows, as well as everyday rainy or snowy conditions.
During World War I and World War II, HUNTER's durable boots were ordered by the British War Office and were highly praised for protection and functionality, eventually becoming well-known among civilians.
Old factory photo preserved by the brand
Old factory photo preserved by the brand

HUNTER Loved by the Royal Family

In 1981, a photo of Prince Charles, then the Prince of Wales, and his fiancée, the late Princess Diana, wearing HUNTER rubber boots gained attention. After this, the brand became a beloved British institution. Five years later, in 1986, the late Queen Elizabeth II granted HUNTER the "Royal Warrant"—a mark of supreme quality.

The Ultimate Classic: "Original Tall Boots"

Let's delve into the ultimate classic item that represents the brand's identity, the "Original Tall Boots."
Like the previously mentioned Wellington Boots, these are composed of 28 parts and are handcrafted using custom aluminum molds.
Made from natural rubber, these boots are vulcanized for superior protection. They are highly waterproof and insulating, with excellent sole grip, making them invaluable for not just rainy but also snowy days.
In addition to functionality, research into making them more beautiful and comfortable continues, featuring polyester lining for wearer comfort.

Expand Your Wardrobe with "Original Chelsea Boots"

Another highly recommended item from HUNTER is the "Original Chelsea Boots." With the iconic features of traditional Chelsea boots, they offer high waterproof and insulating qualities, making them a wardrobe essential for rainy or snowy days.
Crafted using natural vulcanized rubber, they feature a stretchable side gusset and nylon pull tab for easy wear. The recycled polyester lining ensures comfort throughout the day.
In an era where leather boots were the norm, the founder, Henry, began manufacturing rubber boots, marking the start of HUNTER's history.
Carrying forward that tradition, the brand expanded its range from footwear collections to outerwear, bags, and accessories. In the autumn/winter of 2014, HUNTER presented its collection at the runway show during London Fashion Week, generating significant buzz and evolving towards a more global presence.
Because it's a rainy day, I'd like to enjoy fashion with a coordination featuring HUNTER rubber boots.
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