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New Feature Added Announcement (Interview & Article Request)

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We have added 'Interview & Article Request' as a new feature to Fashion Tech News.
'Interview & Article Request' is a feature that allows readers of Fashion Tech News to request articles on subjects of interest in the fashion tech sector, such as people, information, brands, items, etc.
You can request an article by filling out the form on the Fashion Tech News site with your pen name, email address (optional), and the theme, content, person, etc. that you want to be interviewed about (*your email address will only be used by the editorial team to ask for details about the request if you are able to participate in the interview).
If your request is adopted, the pen name of the person who made the contribution will be mentioned in the article. Also, if you follow Fashion Tech News' X account on social media, we will keep you updated on new request articles.
With the addition of the 'Interview & Article Request' function, Fashion Tech News is now able to deliver content that more actively reflects the needs of its readers.
Going forward, Fashion Tech News will continue to strive to provide all information related to fashion tech in a timely and understandable manner to readers.
We look forward to receiving your article requests.
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