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Pursuing Beauty Aligned with the Seasons Through the 'All-Direction Analysis' at Shiseido Beauty Square

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As it celebrates its fourth anniversary, 'Shiseido Beauty Square' in the diverse district of Harajuku is the place to discover your beauty and update yourself for the near future. This venue offers a range of cosmetics from the Shiseido Group among others, allowing visitors to experience beauty beyond brand boundaries and enjoy hair and makeup services provided by beauty professionals (by appointment only).
Currently, the venue is also hosting a new beauty experience program called 'All-Direction Analysis' tailored to the four seasons. In this program, personal beauty partners, skilled in specialized knowledge, identify individual skin concerns related to each season and introduce optimal skincare methods and beauty products throughout the year.
This time, we interviewed personal beauty partners and a PR representative from the store about the features of 'Shiseido Beauty Square' and the attractiveness of the 'All-Direction Analysis'.

Making Hair & Makeup More Accessible Through Hands-on Experience

At ‘Shiseido Beauty Square’, what kind of experiences can visitors expect?
At ‘Shiseido Beauty Square’, we offer a wide range of brands including SHISEIDO, Clé de Peau Beauté, NARS, MAQuillAGE, and MAJOLICA MAJORCA, from coveted prestige brands to those familiar to younger consumers.
Last year, we introduced the Discovery Zone at our store entrance area, where visitors can freely try out products that interest them.
Additionally, using digital skin analysis and artists trained at Shiseido’s hair and makeup artist training academy SABFA, we offer hair & makeup services and lectures in our Salon Zone, providing a variety of beauty experiences.
It must be delightful for customers to try various brands at once. Could you share the concept behind the Discovery Zone and what can be done there?
The idea behind this area is to encourage visitors to discover and explore beauty. Interested items can be tried out comfortably using the vanity.
Many have experienced not being able to browse comfortably in department stores due to staff pressure, but this zone is designed to let visitors relax and enjoy their encounter with products.
What sets us apart from other stores is the natural light in the building that enables you to see true color payoff. Also, being able to try various brand items all at once is another highlight of the Discovery Zone.
A previous internal survey revealed that many people wish to physically verify items priced at several thousands to ten thousand yen. It appears many look at magazines and social media and think that 'this product suits beautiful people'.
By offering a space where visitors can genuinely learn the characteristics of products and try them across different brands, we make it easier for customers to decide, for example, "I'll choose A for my primer and B for my foundation."
The hair & makeup services and lectures sound fascinating. What inspired their development?
Using artists trained at SABFA, where many top artists of Shiseido originated, and employing reliable theories such as facial analysis and color diagnostic, combined with the unique sensibility and skills of the artists, we deliver hair & makeup proposals tailored to each customer’s individual needs.
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