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Bold Colors, Textures, & Unconventional Shapes in Clothing: Paula Canovas Del Vas's Design Philosophy

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The Spanish designer, Paula Canovas del Vas, is based in Paris. After studying at Central Saint Martins, she launched her brand "Paula Canovas del Vas" in 2018 with the support of the Stella McCartney Scholarship Scheme.
Her SS23 collection, showcased at the September 2022 Paris Fashion Week, drew significant attention, earning her a semi-finalist spot in the LVMH Prize that same year. She was also featured as an up-and-coming designer in The New York Times.
Paula's designs emphasize a young, experimental spirit, utilizing a wealth of references, craftsmanship techniques, unique shapes, colors, textures, and fabrics, often in collaboration with artists. Her primary materials are deadstock fabrics.
We directly asked the designer about the sources of her creativity.

Constantly Pushing Boundaries & Exploring New Ideas

Could you tell us about your brand's design concept?
We center our designs around sculptural, three-dimensional silhouettes. We intentionally incorporate elements that could be described as incomplete or chaotic, celebrating an experimental sense, playfulness, and uniqueness.
What design philosophy drives you?
The design philosophy of Paula Canovas del Vas focuses on incorporating bold colors, textures, and unconventional shapes into clothing.
Our brand values innovation, creativity, a sense of humor in the design process, and the use of deadstock fabrics.
Where does the inspiration for your sculptural shapes come from?
We draw inspiration from architecture, nature, contemporary art, and various other sources.
Our brand emphasizes experimentation and creativity in the design process, constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas.

Encouraging Self-Expression & Creativity

Your womenswear incorporates the Japanese aesthetic of "wabi-sabi," which finds beauty in imperfection. Could you tell us more about that?
Exactly. We incorporate the concept of "wabi-sabi," which celebrates imperfection and the transient nature of things, through unconventional silhouettes, raw edges, and organic textures.
The playful and inventive spirit of the "wabi-sabi" philosophy reflects in our collections through asymmetrical designs, unexpected details, and a natural sense of aesthetics.
Could you tell us more about some of your standout designs?
For example, our mini dresses feature vibrant colors and dynamic materials, adding energy and excitement to the design and enhancing the brand's playful and cheerful aesthetic.
We also have our unique "Diablo" shoes, inspired by animal hooves.
The fringe bag design that garnered attention is part of the SS23 collection, inspired by various types of stripes and tape used in both clothing and accessories, adding movement to the fringes.
These design philosophies negate the traditional concept of perfection, celebrating individuality and spontaneity. This emphasis on humor and cheerfulness in design brings joy and positivity to fashion, embodying the brand's goal of encouraging self-expression and creativity.
Finally, could you tell us about your future plans?
Going forward, Paula Canovas del Vas aims to stay true to its design aesthetic while continuously pushing concepts and ideas through collaborations. We hope to increase brand recognition and expand internationally.
We are considering expanding into new product categories and collaborating with various artists and designers.
My advice for young designers is to avoid chasing trends. Instead, find your own voice, and be true to yourself and the products you create.
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