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Interview: Expanding 'CLO' Worldwide to Revolutionize Fashion Manufacturing: CLO Virtual Fashion

In the 5th installment of the series 'The Age of Digital Fashion', we're delivering a closer look at the 3D software 'CLO' designed for the fashion industry.
Developed in South Korea by 'CLO Virtual Fashion LLC.' in 2009, today the version of CLO is used by global companies like adidas, HUGO BOSS, Carhartt, Desigual, DIESEL, FJALLRAVEN, LEVI’S, MANGO, New Balance, Patagonia, and UNDER ARMOUR. With over 10,000 businesses and individuals having implemented the software, it ranks first in the 3D fashion software industry. It's also utilized in major apparel companies, vendors, suppliers, and educational institutions in Japan.
In 2022, they established the Japanese subsidiary, 'CLO Virtual Fashion JAPAN G.K.', with the aim of listening to Japanese users' voices and expanding their market share.
In this installment, we interviewed Emily Choi and Ami Komatsu from the company, discussing how CLO came to be introduced globally, their influence on the fashion industry, current trends and issues in Japan, and their future initiatives.
ChoiThe software provided by our company includes 'CLO', 'Marvelous Designer', and 'Jinny (beta version)', all of which are characterized by their '3D Cloth Simulation Technology'. By utilizing this technology, patterns created in 2D can be sewn together in 3D, enabling the creation of various 3D garments.
Choi3D applies the same gravity as in the real world, so the movement and texture of the fabric are realistically reproduced. You can design fashion on the PC screen without actually cutting and sewing the fabric.
While CLO is a software for the fashion industry, Marvelous Designer is mainly used in the gaming and CG industries.
Jinny (beta version) is a software developed to broaden the horizons of 3D garment production, characterized by an interface that can be easily operated even by those without knowledge of fashion design.
By utilizing these software, you can pursue the possibilities of fashion more than ever before. In addition, the hurdle of creating 3D garments for CG works and avatars in the metaverse has become extremely low.
The benefits of using CLO
KomatsuThere are three major advantages to using 3D. The first is 'Application in Product Planning'.
Typically, in product development with physical samples, there is a waiting time for work involved in sewing, as well as material procurement for fabrics and supplementary materials. Even replacing just part of this process with 3D can significantly shorten the lead time.
Moreover, by sharing 3D product images with your team and clients, you can have more concrete communication, enhancing the quality of your products.
Furthermore, by saving the created 3D data, you can use it long term, adapting it for new design developments next season and beyond.
Replacing physical samples with 3D also reduces the discarding of raw materials. In recent years, the environmental impact of the fashion industry has been exaggerated, but we believe that the spread of 3D can contribute to the sustainability of the industry.
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