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Announcing the New "BEAUTY" Category

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Fashion Tech News has added its 8th category: "BEAUTY."
Fashion Tech News aims to create the future of fashion and technology, exploring and disseminating the latest technologies, services, and histories in fashion, divided into 7 categories.
In recent years, new services and technologies that address more personal concerns and issues in the beauty field have been emerging one after another. Fashion Tech News has already published over 60 articles introducing these innovations. To make it even easier to find the articles you need and access information quickly, we decided to establish the new category, "BEAUTY."
The "BEAUTY" category will cover a wide range of information related to beauty, including the latest technologies in makeup, cosmetics, skincare, haircare, nails, and the history of beauty.
Fashion Tech News will continue to strive to create articles and a website that meet the needs of our readers.
2024.05.15 Fashion Tech News Editorial Team
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