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The Magic of Architecture: Maud Caubet Discusses the Future of the Industry

The relationship between architecture and textiles represents a fascinating world that signifies a perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality.
Investigating the impeccable union of environmental consideration, beauty and functionality, Maud Caubet pushes the envelope of architectural possibilities. She shares how she pursues innovative approaches in the world of architecture.
Maud Caubet
Maud Caubet

Born in Paris. Graduated in 2003 from the National School of Architecture, Paris-La Villette. Founded Maud Caubet Architectes in 2006. Awarded G20 Iconic Sustainable Buildings for Origine (Nanterre City). Recognized at Rethinking The Future Awards 2023 in the cultural category for Les SHEDS (Pantin City). Rachine (Paris 12ème) received an award in the ongoing project category at Nuit de l’immo 2023. Serving as a member of the French Academy of Architecture since 2022.

What kind of architectural style or approach do you take?
When initiating a project, it is crucial to have clear guidelines. These guidelines are rooted in our own values and beliefs.
My belief is simple: to imagine a project that harmonies with the essence and characteristics of its location. Buildings and locations that require renovation each possess their unique history and context. We value insights into the materials available in the area, daily habits, who will use the place, and future transitions. We consider what elements to keep and which to adapt for evolution.
My approach is not confined to a "style" but rather focuses on a mindset. It's similar to the methodology of geographers studying climate, topography, and the natural environment, and biologists examining ecosystems and interactions. And, like artists, we seek to transcend the whole and pursue beauty. This is a completely inclusive approach and a holistic method.
Can you tell us about any particular projects from the past that stood out to you?
In the more than 15 years since founding my firm, we have dealt with projects of various scales and themes, including housing, offices, urban elderly care facilities, and cultural facilities. Many of these projects are carried out in densely populated urban areas, and others in more relaxed rural settings. I always communicate to my clients that any project is interesting as long as it provides dreams, creativity, and dynamism.
Among these, the project that left the most significant impression was 'Origine', a complex facility of offices and residences. This project is located in the La Defense district, an office town in Paris, and was selected from more than 40 competitive projects from around the world. At that time, we were a young firm and newcomers to the scene, but we challenged this project with belief and passion.
'Origine' features an organic design overall, including some wooden materials, inspired by nature. This large-scale project includes a daycare center, residences, and offices, forming a genuine urban community within the city. The buildings are arranged to surround a vast courtyard, and one of its charms is the open courtyard accessible to everyone. The entrance is designed to create a sense of security, and natural light illuminates the sculpture through the glass lenses.
'Origine' has won many awards for its environmentally conscious design and was recognized as one of the most sustainable projects at the G20. This project took four years to complete, and I am proud of the team, which brought excellent outcomes.
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